Balustrades – RAMA GLAS


Our glass balustrades are safe, functional,
aesthetically refined and customizable.

They will enrich your space by providing not only protection, which is their primary purpose, but also a visual effect that no other material can. The balustrades are designed both for interior and exterior use, and are ideal for staircases, terraces, galleries.

Pendulum test of glass balustrade for SWISSOTEL within Sarajevo City Center of Al-Shiddi group.

By testing, the balustrade is categorized by the highest grade "A" and "1(B)1" by the German Building Regulation Lists TRAV and by EN 12600 for safety laminated glass.

The balustrade is fully developed by the engineers and technologists of RAMA-GLAS and with the support of the American Chemical Corporation DOW, whose adhesives are used in this beautiful glass construction.

The impact of the 700 mm, 900 mm and maximum 1200 mm pendulum test indicates the strength of this construction.


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