Wall Coverings – RAMA GLAS

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings are an ideal solution for both living space and business space with its wide variety of shades and decorations, providing a light, opaque and highly reflective color in every space.

Enhances kitchen areas (replaces classic kitchen tiles), bathrooms, furniture, as well as staircases, elevators, and partitions, all in accordance with the customers' ideas and wishes, with the full support of our expert team. By combining glass with other coverings, the interior will look modern, warm and will be very easy to maintain for many years.

RAMA-GLAS wall coverings enable:

  • Great choice of color shades according to RAL color palette (RG COLOR)
  • Applying different motifs from simple to photo prints (RG COLOR and PRINT)
  • Covering with Lacobel/DecoCrystal glass (different color shade options)
  • Different thickness variants of glass available depending on the application