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Tempered Glass

Safety with tempered glass

In the process of tempering each glass receives the following characteristics:

  • 4-5 times the strength and flexibility from the glass of the same thickness that is not tempered, which allows it to provide better sustainability in a blunt stroke.

  • Tempering also makes the glass more resistant to sudden temperature changes, as well as resistance to large temperature differences on one panel.

  • In the event of a shot, the tempered glass will slip into blunt pieces of several millimeters in diameter that considerably reduces the risk of injury.

RAMA-GLAS tempered safety glass, RG SEKURITE, is transparent and can be combined with other glasses to suit your needs.

RG COLOR - tempered glass is painted RG SEKURITE glass and has a wide application in the interior as wall coverings (in kitchens and bathrooms as a replacement for tiles) as well as on the facades.

The safety of both of these glass types can be further enhanced with a special HST treatment after tempering on your request, giving you greater security from accidental glass fracture.

RAMA-GLAS recommends the Heat Soak Test of every glass.