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Doors and partitions

Now you can partition the space you are living in, without disturbing the spaciousness, airiness and amount of light.

Sliding systems

Our glass sliding systems give you the possibility of a partial, occasional, movable space partitioning. If necessary, you can make your kitchen, dining room, corridor, cabinet, and any part of the home easily partitioned without heavy, durable, firm walls and partitions.

Swivel door

If you are looking for a classic closing and opening, a door with hinges, with or without door frame, in combination with fixed glass or without, we have a solution for you too. With our partitions your home will look modern, and members of the household will get the necessary privacy and peace.

Glass partitions

If you need an extra room in your apartment, the glass partitions are the solution for you! With already existing sources of light, you will get a whole new space separated by sound, physically, without disturbing aesthetics and amount of light.

Glass doors

Proud of our solution for office space partitions

We have upgraded and redesigned the standard look of business space to the new RG OFFICE system for you. Cheap, safe, stylish, flexible, fully designed to your liking.