Special Glass – RAMA GLAS

Special Glass

Following the trends of contemporary lifestyle where glass is increasingly applied, glass manufacturers are constantly working on improving existing ones as well as placing completely new products. RAMA-GLAS ensures that besides the known products, we meet with new ones, which have a special and different application:

AGC AntiBacterial glass

  • Perfect for places where stringent hygiene is required, the antibacterial effect of silver ion inside the glass eliminates 99% of all bacteria that form on the surface and prevents the spread of fungi.

  • Ideal for clinics, pharmacies, SPA centers, bathrooms ...

  • AGC AntiBacterial glass

Pilkington Activ / Self-cleaning glass

  • It is also called Self-cleaning glass, SGG Bioclean.

  • Self-cleaning glass with a coating that, with the effect of sun and rain, efficiently removes impurities and dirt from the glass. Glass can be used in various combinations of Low-E coatings and glass.

  • The most common application is on facades, roof windows... Its application is limited in terms of the weather conditions it requires to have an effect.

AGC Lacobel / Colored glass

  • The glass is coated on one side with organic color and is available in a variety of shades.

  • Applies to wall coverings, doors, shelves, furniture parts.

AGC Matelux / Guardian SatinDeco / Frosted glass

  • It is also called satin glass.

  • Glass is acid-treated, where the surface is smooth and uniform, opaque but retains a high level of light permeability and stain resistance.

  • Applies to partitions, doors, furniture parts...

AGC Mirrors

  • High quality, non-damaging metal mirrors with corrosion, chemical and moisture protection.

  • Application in the interior (wall coverings, furniture parts).

Guardian Clarity glass / Antireflex glass

  • Antireflex glass with a reflection of less than 1%.

  • Also applied in exterior (glass shelves), and in the interior (glass partitions, showcases).

Guardian ShowerGuard / Glass resistant to limescale

  • Glass with a special anti-corrosion and anti-limescale coating, which simplifies cleaning without visible traces of droplets on the glass.

  • Application in the interior (glass shower enclosures, coverings, balustrades).

Guardian DiamondGuard / Scratch resistant glass

  • Glass of high surface resistance, resistant to physical damage (scratches).

  • Application in interiors (table boards, various wall coverings and stands, glass railings).

AGC Antifog / Guardian ClimaGuard Dry / Glass resistant to fogging

  • Glass with a special coating that prevents the formation of condensate and fog (Anti condensation glass)

  • Application in exterior (glass doors, windows, facades). Especially when using triple RAMA3 glasses.

AGC Clearvision / Guardian UltraClear / Extra clear glass

  • Also called Pilkington Optiwhite, SGG Diamant.

  • Glass with a very low percentage of iron (Low-iron glass) in its structure increases the permeability of the light and neutralizes the greenish color of plain glass.

  • Applies to atriums, roof windows, shop windows, glass showcases, balustrades.