About Us – RAMA GLAS

About Us

Since the foundation in 1996 to date, RAMA-GLAS has developed into a leading company in the field of refractory glass in construction, not only as a contractor and distributor within the construction sector, but also as an authority in the field of providing a complete architectural solution.

Continuous research and development process as well as investing in the most up-to-date technology solutions and solid linkage and consistency in tracking internationally recognized relevant standards have led RAMA-GLAS to gain an enviable reputation for its quality of service and innovation both domestically and on the international market.

Production capacities and human resources

In addition to the high level of technical expertise, the fact that this is a collective that now employs 152 qualified employees gives us the ability to respond to the most complex qualitative requirements and time limits.

Thanks to the closed production facilities for glass production, located on approximately 10,000 m2 of its own space, possessing the most modern machines and technology for processing, enameling, tempering, laminating, structural bonding and manufacturing of thermal insulating glass and glass facades of any form, production up to 10 tones of different types of glass products processed in one day, represent a realistic possibility.

Quality control and education

Customer satisfaction is the first and fundamental goal of our quality policy. In this regard, special emphasis is placed on energy efficiency, safety, quality and design.


For this purpose, the company uses and cooperates with renowned suppliers and glass manufacturers such as Guardian, AGC, Pilkington, Saint Gobain and others, which maintains and further raises the criterion within production and processing of materials.

We can say that the crown of the successful development of RAMA-GLAS company has been recertification in accordance with the latest ISO 9001: 2015 standard, ie the acquisition of the CE marking requirement, thus gaining conditions for export to European Union countries.

In addition to certification of the company's management system, RAMA-GLAS develops and undertakes a number of activities for the certification of individual products in renowned European institutes, such as IFT Rosenheim. Only after obtaining the certificate, the products enter into regular production.

With this approach, RAMA-GLAS has found its place in the markets of the countries of Europe, the Middle East and America. Such success is a result of an extremely good organization of work and business orientation of management to develop the company in the direction of reputable and world-renowned manufacturers.

The largest tempering plant and insulating glass production line in the region

Today, the name RAMA-GLAS stands as a synonym for the most sophisticated form of glass in construction, whether it is the most complex facade elements in the exterior or the partitioning and other systems intended for interior use.

Our strategic vision is to be a recognized and progressive company that will successfully compete in the global marketplace. RAMA-GLAS glass travels around the world and glitter the world's metropolises. Norway, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, the Caribbean are just some of the countries where we have so far deployed millions of square meters.

RAMA-GLAS as a company constantly introduces new technologies and expands its capabilities. Since 1996, we started the RAMA-GLAS with a great ambition, in 2003 we began making the first serious steps out of BiH by introducing new technology of glazing and enameling glass as the first low-E glass tempering plant in the region, and now, after 20 years of existence, in 2017 we opened our new facility in Vlakovo, where a new automated glass warehouse with automatic cutting, insulating glass production line for jumbo glass dimensions and the new largest tempering plant in BiH and the region starts, which opens up new possibilities in the world of construction. There are no limits for RAMA-GLAS!