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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a safety glass consisting of two or more layers of glass, the same or different thicknesses, connected by a safety laminating film.

Safety with laminated glass

Laminated safety glass is a key component in the realization of modern architecture. It consists of two or more glass panels combined in one using PVB, EVA and SGP foils, giving glass multi-functional characteristics that can meet the demands of modern construction without affecting its transparency.

Laminated glass has unparalleled application possibilities. If you need protection from burglars, bulletproof and explosive protection, passive protection for furniture and safety with glass objects in everyday use, this glass is the solution for you.

As the most reliable and today's most innovative solution for laminated glass, we use a special SentryGlas® Plus foil (SGP®) which enhances tear-clearance more than 5x and bending resistance up to 100x from glass with a PVB foil. These foils are used for installation where extreme safety, lightweight and thinner glass is needed.

Laminated glass can be used within RAMATERM, RAMA3 and RAMA QUADRO in thermal insulation, with RG SEKURITE in tempered design or a combination of these three variants. If you want noise protection, laminated glass with high performance soundproof films is used.