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Vlakovo 584, 71210 Ilidža - Sarajevo, BiH

Sales - Headquarters


+387 33 770 420


+387 33 770 433

Sales - Natural Persons


+387 33 770 439

+387 33 770 429

Sales - Legal Entities


+387 33 770 431

+387 33 770 438

Accounting and Finance


+387 33 770 435


+387 33 770 440

Working Hours

Sales - Commercial Service
Finished Products Delivery
  • 7:30 - 16:00h
  • 7:30 - 14:00h

Frequently Asked Questions

1Where are you?
Address: Vlakovo 584, Settlement Vlakovo, 71 210 Ilidža (opposite the City Cemetery Vlakovo, map)
2Where can I pick up my glass?
You can take the order in Vlakovo or arrange with our sales team to have the delivery at the specified address .
3Do you offer delivery? Is the price of glass with shipping included?
Delivery of the order to the address is not included in our glass price.
Transport can also be offered as additional service.
4Do you do measurement on site?
If the customer is installing the glass at the address himself, he submits the measures for production.
If we are installing the glass at the address, our technician will come to the address to arrange all the details and take measures.
5Can I order glass by phone?
You can order glass in person, via mail or fax.
Glass is put into production after a written order confirmation and advance payment.
6What are the deadlines for production?
Production times are defined and negotiated with our sales team when order confirmation is made.
The time needed to make glass depends on the lager status, the situation in production, and the volume and complexity of the order itself.
7How can I get glass prices?
Our commercial service will be happy to make a pre-invoice when you submit your application and provide you with all the information and prices you need.
8Is it possible to pay by card?
You can pay by card at our cash register in Vlakovo.

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